How Much Does A Therapist Make?

How Much Does A Therapist Make?Many students who are considering or currently pursuing therapy degrees ask the question, “how much does a therapist make?” Considering the earning potential of a certain degree is wise, especially before committing time, money and energy towards the pursuit of that degree.

Benefits Of A Therapy Degree

The earnings of a therapist is partially determined by the shortage of people pursuing this career due to the master’s degree requirement. Most therapy positions will not accept students who only have a bachelor’s degree. However, in contrast to the shortage, the need for therapists is growing quickly as a result of a declining economic situation. Many people are struggling with stress, depression and relationship issues that are easier to cope with when the individual receives assistance from a mental health professional.

Students who participate in a therapy degree program at an accredited university will need to first complete an undergraduate degree and participate in a much more rigorous graduate program. The best schools for therapy include Stanton University, the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University. Students who choose a therapy degree program online will also want to get into a top school if they want to secure a position that pays well.

How Much Does A Therapist Make? Details About Therapy Salaries

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics collects wage statistics on various disciplines, including psychology. The median annual therapist salary in May of 2010 was $68,640. Therapist pay is partially determined by location, with those in New Jersey, Hawaii, California and New York earning the highest wages. New Jersey psychologists earned an annual wage of $96,200. The highest paid psychologist specialties are in the offices of other health practitioners, where they earn an annual mean wage of $83,650. Psychologists who have strong performance and who become board-certified might be more likely to find employment that is higher-paying. Those who wish to earn high-paying jobs early on should consider pursing an internship during their online therapy program to acquire more experience. All of these factors combined can help answer the question “how much does a therapist make?”