What Can I Do With A Therapy Degree?

What Can I Do With A Therapy Degree?One of the first questions anyone asks when deciding on a therapy career is, “What can I do with a therapy degree?” The first thing to understand is that there is actually no one specific therapy degree. Instead, there are numerous types of therapy degree programs.

Specifics of A Therapy Degree

The degree for therapist options include the bachelor’s degree in psychology, the marriage and family therapy degree, a physical therapy degree and an occupational therapy degree. Additionally, students can participate in therapy graduate programs where they can earn a psychiatry or psychology M.A., a psychology M.S., and the more advanced M.D. in psychiatry, Ph.D. in psychology and a Psy.D in psychology. Students seeking an undergraduate or Master’s program will want to make sure that it is accredited, especially with therapy degree programs online. One of the best physical therapy programs is the one at the University of Southern California. Boston University has one of the best occupational therapy programs. Stanford University has one of the best psychology schools.

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What Can I Do With a Therapy Degree?

Therapy degrees generally prepare students to help others. These degree programs can prepare students for a broad range of professions, including that of a psychologist and an occupational therapist.  The physical and occupational therapy degrees have a particularly good job outlook, since there are a larger number of patients with age-related disorders who need physical therapy to recover. The need for psychologists is also growing as more individuals need help coping with stress and depression as a result of a stagnant economy. However, getting into a therapy career can sometimes be difficult because there are many other students pursuing therapy degrees. Those wondering “what can I do with a therapy degree?” should understand that therapists who get more experience in their profession are more likely to find work and are also more likely to experience a salary increase.